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Aliases: Earth-Z
Debut appearance: Marvel Zombies Return #1

Created by:

Fred Van Lente, Nick Dragotta


Marvel Zombies Return Vol 1
Inhabitants: Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson

Earth-91126, also known as Earth Z is alternate reality that got infected with the zombie virus that the Marvel Zombie brought with them after eating everyone.


Eventually this universe is also taken by the zombie virus. Like on Earth-2149 all life is seemingly eradicated, it being unclear if there are any survivors left on the planet other than the New Avengers. The full extent to which the Zombies devoured life on other planets is unknown, though it is implied they are close to exhausting their food supply.

While the Spider-Man of Earth-2149 attempted to find a cure for the virus and prevent it's spread, the presence of his fellow zombies from Earth-2149 would lead to the entire universe being infected much like their own. Giant-Man would amass technology and knowledge to attempt to create another warp portal on the Watcher's citadel so that he could find new worlds to feed. However, he would find opposition from Earth-Z's own zombies as well as Spider-Man's New Avengers.

In the final battle all the zombies would be destroyed by Sandman of Earth-Z who had been turned into a living nanite virus that kills all the zombies except for the Sentry. The Watcher of Earth-Z would then transport the Sentry to Earth-2149's past, as he was the initial zombie that infected that world, in the hopes of creating a chronal loop to prevent the zombies of these two realities from spreading the virus further.

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