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Earth-90211 is an alternate reality in which the Venom that was bonded to the Spider-Man left him for Deadpool.


In the reality of Earth-90211, after Spider-Man was shot, the symbiote was attached to him, left him for Deadpool creating "Venompool".

After Wade realizes that some heroes are receiving more attention then he is, he decided to kill all heroes and villains until he was the only hero left to be praised by humans and female heroes he left alive to praise him as well.

Wade underwent therapy by Leonard Sampson, who talked to Wade about his problems that were the result of the Beyonder's rejection which caused Venompool's inner state to defend himself from the world with a wall of arrogance and ego.

After killing him when he called Wade a "jerk", Wade saw himself as an "unredeemable ass" Wade erased himself and his own universe with the Recton Expungifier.

Venompool 0001


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