Earth-833 (destroyed)
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Debut appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #7

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3
Inhabitants: Spider-UK

Earth-833 was the home reality of William Braddock a.k.a. Spider-UK.


Not much is known about Earth-833 except that it is the home reality of William Braddock who is also Earth-833's Spider-Totem and Earth-833's representative in the Captain Britain Corps.

At some point after Braddock left Earth-833 to join his fellow Spider-Totems in defeating the Inheritors, Earth-833 was destroyed by an Incursion. Following the Incursion, Braddock is the only known individual to have survived Earth-833's destruction.


  • When the Master Weaver revealed to Braddock that his reality had been destroyed, the empty space in the Web of Life and Destiny that his reality used to occupy was incorrectly represented by a black void. The nothingness as a consequence of the destruction of an universe due to an Incursion is normally supposed to be represented by a blank void.

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