Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 50
is an alternate reality that the Thing created when he went back in time.

First appeared in Marvel Two-In-One #50.


First appearanceEdit

This alternate reality was created when the Ben Grimm from the mainstream reality went back in time to give his younger self a cure to become human again for good. Similar to how Peter Parker meeting Spider-Man from the year 2099 created Earth-928. However, the Thing realized that this just created an alternate reality, instead of fixing his own problems.


In Marvel Two-In-One #100, the reality was visited again by the mainstream version of the Thing. Here, he sees that the Ben Grimm  he cured awhile ago, is alive but tell mainstream Ben that he could not give the help the Fantastic Four needed, and as a result, Galactus came and devoured much of Earth's resources. However, Earth was still in good enough shape for human to live on. In Ben's replacement, the Fantastic Four enlisted the help of Spider-Man when Galactus had first came to Earth. It is unknown if he was an official member.

Marvel Two-In-One 100

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