What If Vol 1 8
What if the world knew that Daredevil was blind?
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Debut appearance: What If? (Volume 1) 8

Created by:

Don Glut, Jim Mooney, Alan Kupperberg


What If? (Volume 1)
Inhabitants: Spider-Man, Daredevil

Earth-7848 is alternate reality in which Spider-Man pointed out that Daredevil was blind in front of Electro, who then pointed it out to the media.


In this reality, Daredevil and Electro's battle in the Baxter Building would be interrupted by Spider-Man who would help Daredevil capture his foe. In the battles aftermath, Spider-Man would deduce that Daredevil is really blind, and reveal this secret in front of Electro who would in turn tell it to the press upon his delivery to the authorities.

When the Owl would learn that Daredevil was blind, he would use this secret to his advantage. Later when he would attempt to make Matt Murdock his loyal lawyer (not making the connection between he and Daredevil) he would battle Daredevil, incapacitating the hero with loud speakers that emitted hooting noises. However the intervention of Karen Page would save Daredevil from danger and he would force the Owl and his minions to escape. Karen would figure out Daredevil's secret identity, but promise to keep it a secret.

Karen would soon suggest that Matt see Dr. Van Eyck to have his vision restored, however he would refuse out of fear of losing his powers. However, he would agree to travel to Lichtenbad to see Van Eyck who was then being forced to stay with Duke Klaus Kruger. Learning that the people feared the Duke, Daredevil would clash with him and rescue Van Eyck, being exposed to the radiation from an unstable atomic pile would restore Daredevil's vision and eliminate his enhanced senses, seemingly ending the career of Daredevil.

However, Murdock would be captured by minions of the Owl and be forced to act as the lawyer for Judge Lewis, and would be forced to change into Daredevil once more. The Owl, unaware that Daredevil no longer has his powers and can see again is taken by surprise when DD appears to be immune to his sonic attacks. This would lead to Daredevil's upper hand in the battle, and he would rescue Judge Lewis at the seeming demise of the Owl, who's owl-ship would crash and explode in the battle.

Shortly thereafter, Daredevil would call a public press conference and reveal his true identity and that he has lost his powers. He would then announce that he would be entering the race to be New York City's next District Attorney, a race that he would win. With his days as Daredevil behind him, Matt Murdock would defend New York as it's D.A. and continue his relationship with Karen Page.

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