What If Vol 1 24
Aliases: None
Debut appearance: What If? #24

Created by:

Tony Isabella, Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia


What If? Vol 1
Inhabitants: Spider-Man, Gwen Parker, Doctor Octopus

Earth-7736 is an alternate reality in which Spider-Man saved Gwen Stacy.


In this reality, Spider-Man manages to save Gwen Stacy from the Green Goblin. His subsequent fight with the Goblin allows him to permanently cure Osborn of his madness. His son, Harry Osborn, stands by his father even after witnessing his evil and abusive side. Prior to his 'recovery', the Goblin mailed an envelope to J. Jonah Jameson which contained Spider-Man's identity.

Jameson led the police to Peter during his wedding to Gwen Stacy. Peter was forced to flee the ceremony after his aunt had a heart attack due to the shock of it all. The story closed with Peter wondering if he would now have to become the very menace Jameson had always accused him of being in order to survive, although Joe Robertson and Gwen had stated their intent to clear Peter's name.

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