Sensational Spider-Man Vol 2 41 page 16 Peter Parker (Earth-7161) (1)
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Debut appearance: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 2) 41

Created by:

Joe Quesada, J. Michael Straczynski


Sensational Spider-Man. One issue only.
Inhabitants: Peter Parker; most likely very similar to mainstream.

 Earth-7161 is an alternate reality in which Peter Parker never became got bitten by the spider that made him become Spider-Man.

First seen in Sensational Spider-Man (Volume 2) #41.


In this reality, shown to Peter Parker by Mephisto, Peter never got bitten by a radioactive spider, and never became Spider-Man. It is seen that while at a science exhibit, this version of Peter Parker was about to be bitten by the spider that give him spider powers. When a classmate called him over to look at something, the spider dropped and someone stepped on it.

Not becoming Spider-Man, this version of Peter Parker instead became a computer game designer. Mephisto at the time, transformed into a red headed little girl shows Peter this reality as the Earth-7161 Peter envies the hero the Earth-616 Peter Parker became as a result of his spider bite.

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