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Age of Ultron Vol 1 1 Textless (1)
Age of Ultron
Aliases: None
Debut appearance: Avengers (Volume 4) #12.1

Created by:

Brian Michael Bendis; Bryan Hitch; Brandon Peterson and Joe Quesada


Age of Ultron
Inhabitants: Avengers (Earth-61112), Hawkeye (Earth-61112), Black Widow (Earth-61112), Moon Knight (Earth-61112), Spider-Man (Earth-61112), Luke Cage (Earth-61112), She-Hulk (Earth-61112), Fantastic Four (Earth-61112), Wolverine (Earth-61112), Invisible Woman (Earth-61112), Tony Stark (Earth-62111)

Earth-61112 is an alternative version of Earth-616 where Ultron successfully returned and annihilated humanity.


In Earth-61112, which used to be Earth-616, Ultron was awoken by the Avengers, and returned to take over the Earth using his army of robots.

He killed many superheroes, such as Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Black Panther and so on.

This reality was prevented by Wolverine and Storm going back in time prevent the making of Ultron.