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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

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Earth-6109 is an alternate universe that takes place within the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video games.


Marvel: Ultimate AllianceEdit

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Nick Fury gathers a group of heroes, starting with Thor, Wolverine, Captain America and Wolverine and as the team grows, the players ultimate goal is to keep Dr. Doom from absorbing the power of Thor's father, Odin. The team uses Iron Man's Stark Industries as a base while traveling to the Omega Base,  Atlantis, the Valley of Spirits, the Sanctum Sanctorum, Mephisto's Realm, and the Moon.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Edit

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, a version of the Civil War event takes place with only certain heroes being playable depending on what side is chosen.

The game starts off one year prior to the Civil War story arc as Nick Fury gathers another group of heroes, this time the team consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man, who lead an attack on Castle Doom along with other heroes. The heroes discover that the elected prime minister Lucia von Bardas was supplying weapons to the Tinkerer. The President is against the attack as Von Bardas has been established friendly ties with them. The attack is successful and Castle Doom is destoryed, with Von Bardas assumed dead.

One year later, in the present day, Ms. Marvel and Nick Fury are missing as Latveria plans to destroy a large portion of America, led by a cyborg version of Von Bardas. The group you play as plans to thwarts her plan but many city blocks are destroyed in the process, prompting the government to consider the Superhuman Registration Act.

Three days later, Nitro creates an explosion that kills more then 600 people in the process, thus making the Goverment put into place the SRA with Captain America and Iron Man divided on the issue, a battle between them starts with the game asking the player to chose between two sides, the Anti-Registration and Pro-Registration, depending on what the player chooses is depending on the cutscenes that will be seen, and the heroes that can be played.