What If Vol 2 111
is an alternate reality where Wolverine became a horsemen of Apocalypse and ended up killing many supervillians in his reality.

First and last seen in What If? (Volume 2) #111.


Earth-2988 is an alternate reality where Wolverine became Apocalypse's "Horseman of War" and began killing many supervillians in his reality. After killing the supervillians he turns on Apocalypse, killing him as well. He then decides to go after common thugs on the street.

After seeing the large death count, fellow superheroes including the X-Men, Avengers and Spider-Man, decides to go after him. Wolverine decides to lay low for a while.

Soon, the "War Watch" is formed to protect people from the "The Enemy" which is Wolverine himself as the public calls him. Also, the "Wolf Pack" a gang of thugs is formed to follow after Wolverine and kill people in the same way he did.

The War Watch is headed by none other then Wolverine himself who goes by the name, "Brother Xavier" who nobody knows is Logan himself. He is now a monk who has no more berserker rage issues and seeks redempmtion by heading the War Watch.


  • On the cover of the What If? issue, for some reason Wolverine's claw's are slighty curved downward, instead of straight foward like they always are.

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