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What If Vol 2 47
Cable Destroyed the X-Men/Magneto Took Over the USA
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Debut appearance: What If? Vol. 2 #46

Created by:

Kurt Busiek, Tod Smith


What If? (Volume 2)
Inhabitants: Spider-Man

Earth-21993 is an alternate reality where Cable destroys the X-Men and Magneto takes over the USA.


The universe of Earth-21993 would mirror that of Earth-616 up until the point when Charles Xavier returned to Earth following imprisonment by the alien Skrulls when they attempted to use him as a weapon against Lilandra and returned to Earth. There he would find human mutant relations in utter chaos: His own X-Men fractured, teammates Havok brainwashed, and Colossos and Dazzler amnesiac, Muir Island under the influence of the Shadow King, and a group known as the Mutant Liberation Front was committing terrorist acts across the world.

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