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1000px-X-Men Forever 2 Vol 1 2
X-Men Forever
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Debut appearance: X-Men Forever Vol 2 #1

Created by:

Chris Claremont, Tom Grummett


X-Men Forever
Inhabitants: Peter Parker,Julia Carpenter

Earth-161 is the alternative reality of Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever series.


The mutants of Earth-161 are currently in danger from a condition known as "Burnout", which strips them of their mutant abilities after a time. It is unknown what causes this or whether it can be overcome.


In this reality, Peter Parker/Spider-Man's life is the same up until he meet a version of Rouge that fully absorbed and killed Nightcrawler, and took his powers, and appearance and then teleported out of the mansion by accident. Although shaken by her new powers, Rogue nevertheless joined Spider-Man in his patrol of the night they first met, the two even sharing a brief potentially romantic moment before a Sentinel attack interrupted them.

Spidey & Rogue (Earth-161) 003
In the aftermath of the meeting, Cyclops concluded that Rogue's departure from the mansion despite the X-Men's current efforts to keep a low profile were unimportant as Spider-Man was a friend of theirs and could be trusted to keep quiet.
Rogue (Earth-161) 0004

First meeting the new Rouge

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