The Spider's Grave
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Debut appearance: Exiles #83

Created by:

Tony Bedard, Casey Jones


Inhabitants: Peter Parker

Earth-15 is a reality in which Peter Parker bonded with the Carnage symbiote and became a killer.


This reality's version of Peter Parker bonded with the Carnage symbiote and became a mass-murderer in his reality known as "The Spider".

Whether or not he had gained super-human powers or was a criminal prior to this remains unknown.

Joining the ExilesEdit

He was one of the many heroes chosen by the Timebreakers to become a member of the reality hopping Weapon X team to fix damaged realities.


Soon enough, Peter Parker was killed during the liquidation of excess members of Weapon X and the Exiles via a suicide fire blast from a alternate Firestar.

Much later, his body was returned to his native reality where it was buried in a prison cemetery.

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