What If Wolverine Enemy of the State Vol 1 1 Textless
Wolverine: Enemy of the State
Aliases: Wolverine Enemy of the State
Debut appearance: What If? Wolverine Enemy of the State #1

Created by:

James Robinson, Carmine Di Giandomenico


What If? Wolverine Enemy of the State Vol. 1
Inhabitants: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman

Earth-14850 is an alternate reality where Wolverine is programmed by The Hand to kill every hero.

First seen in What If? Wolverine Enemy of the State.



Originally brainwashed into being an agent of Hydra after his resurrection by The Hand, Wolverine went on a spree to kill and thus recruit other powered heroes into Hydra's control.

Captain America and the X-Men were able to intervene, and put a stop to Wolverine's rampage long enough to deprogram him.


Instead, the ninja clan known as The Hand keeps Wolverine and reprogrammed him to be a killing machine for their own purposes. Alternate versions of Captain America and the X-Men try to reprogram him as they would normal, but Wolverine kills Captain America and lives to kill other Marvel superheroes.

A year and a half later, after killing many of the Marvel heroes, including Spider-Man, there are only a few heroes that stand in Wolverine's way.

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