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Annihilation Reached Earth
Aliases: None
Debut appearance: What If? Annihilation #1

Created by:

David Hine, Mico Suayan, Rafael Kayanan


What If? Annihilation Vol 1
Inhabitants: Spider-Man

Earth-14026 where the the Annihilation Wave event had came to Earth.


Original PlotEdit

In order to expand his empire, Annihilus leads an invasion army from Sector 17A of the Negative Zone into the rest of the universe.


Originally stopped from coming to Earth in Earth-616, in Earth-14026 diverges when the annihilation fleet came to Earth during the Marvel event of Civil War. The wave caused both the pros and anti-registers to settled aside all differences to fight against the wave.


The Uatu of that reality was worried with the Earth's survival. So he broke his vow to only watch to help the heroes and villians in providing them the Terminus device that will put the Annihilation Wave into a black hole, but at the cost of destroying Earth's moon. Nova enlists help from the Inhuman which help drive off the first wave.

After Annihilus tricked the second wave to go to the moon, the wave was stopped when Nova, Captain America, and Iron Man sacrificed their lives in setting off the Terminus device in which it successfully sent the Annihilation Wave into a black hole and saved the rest of Earth.