Aliases: The "Perfect World"
Debut appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol. 1 #38

Created by:

John Layman
Lee Garbett


Identity Wars
Inhabitants: Ghost Spider, Uncle Ben, Death Wish, Death Mask, Doctor Banner, Brain Dead, Dead Weight

"This has got to be the worst alternate universe ever."
— Peter Parker of Earth-616

Earth-11638, also known as the "Perfect" World", is an alternate reality where Peter Parker is rich, and a known superhero with all of his loved ones alive.


Called the "Perfect" world, here Peter Parker's Uncle Ben, among others did not die, and Spider-Man, now called "The Amazing Spider" is a well known superhero with his own company called "Parker Technologies".

With the help of his Uncle Ben, he trained to become a better Spider-Man and with his own technology, this Peter started to being other versions of Peter Parkers to his universe to absorb their powers, to make him more powerful. Soon after, he brought Peter Parker of Earth-616 to his reality to absorb his powers, making him believe he came to Earth-11638 as an accident.

The Earth-11638 Peter Parker brought the Earth-616 version to his lair called the "Web" to show him around Parker Technologies. The Earth-616 decided to visit his Uncle Ben of this universe and have a talk with him. After having tea with Uncle Ben, Uncle Ben drugged the tea to knock 616 Peter out.

After waking up, Earth-11638 Peter explained to 616 Peter his plan to absorb his powers with the help of his Uncle Ben. After 616 Peter broke free to fight the alternate Peter, the alternate Peter stepped into a place where his powers were absorbed, and he was seemingly killed.

It is later then seen that this version of Peter Parker was in a coma and his ghost was trapped in hell, most likely as a punishment.

After meeting a version of Bruce Banner who was the current Sorcerer Supreme, who died fighting his evil alter-ego, the Infernal Hulk, in his astral form and freed the version of Peter infusing him with the spirits and powers of the repentant damned, to give him a second chance to live.

He then became the Ghost Spider, and returned Spider-Man, Deadpool and Hulk back to their reality.


  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN142 as part of Marvel's Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.

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