Paradise X Heralds Vol 1 1
Earth-1123 is an alternate reality where Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four.


In this reality, this world was implaned with a Celestial embroy like Earth-9997 and the Watchmen of Earth-9997 gathered a team of "Heralds" to warm alternate realities of the threat. Also, similar to Earth-772, Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four, making them the Fantastic Five. However, Invisible Woman would marry Namor and leave the Fantastic Four, making them the Fantastic Four once again.

During a visit to the Negative Zone, Reed, Peter, Ben and Johnny were trapped there by a evil version of Reed Richards from Earth-616's Counter Earth. Their current fate is unknown.

Counter Reed soon became the President of the United States and transform into the evil, Brute monster.

When Wolverine of Earth-811 and Spider-Girl of Earth-1122 arrived they battled with Brute and it was cut short when Sue Storm and Namor came to tell them the Celestial threat they came to destory was gone years ago and they were sent back to their realities.

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