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Debut appearance: Realm of Kings (Volume 1) 1

Created by:

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Leonardo Manco


Inhabitants: Spider-Man

Earth-10011, also known as the Cancerverse, is an alternate reality in which "death was defeated" and no living being could die.

It is currently destoryed, along with everyone in it.


A universe where "death was defeated", the Cancerverse is a reality where nothing dies and life has expanded exponentially, resulting in a universe-wide living corpse. Eternal life fueled by the unseen "many-angled ones", every living being in this universe has seemingly been corrupted and turned to their servitude.

Discovering the avatar to be in his home reality, Mar-Vell returned, alongside the Revengers, for a final confrontation with the Guardians and Thanos. After a short fight Thanos submitted to Mar-Vel, begging him to kill him. Mar-Vel prepares the ritual and stabs Thanos through the heart which summons Death to the Cancerverse. Death proceeds to kill the entire Cancerverse which leaves the death-less ones crippled for aeons and causes the Cancerverse to collapse.

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