Carjacker as he robs the wrestling promoter
Dennis Carradine
Real name: Dennis Carradine
Aliases: Spike
Alignment: Bad
Age: 40 (Spider-Man)
(Born 1962)
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Relatives/friends: Unknown
Characteristics: Brown Eyes
Portrayed by: Michael Papajohn
Appearances: Spider-Man (2002 film)

A huge part of Spider-man's origin story, he is portrayed by Michael Papajohn. In Sam Raimi's film adaption of Spider-man, he killed Benjamin Parker (PeterParker's uncle). He is first seen after Peter Parker goes to a wrestling match to win some money and buy a car to impress Mary Jane. After the match, Peter asks for the three thousand dollars he was promised after defeating Bone-saw, but the wrestling promoter refused to give him the money so Peter leaves. The carjacker then comes in and robs the wrestling promoter and runs away with the cash. Peter, still angry at the wrestling promoter, lets him onto the elevator, giving him the opportunity to escapes the building and run out onto the road were Benjamin Parker is still in his car. He pulls him out of the car before shooting him and driving away.

After Peter finds out his uncle shot he, as Spider-man, follows the carjacker into an abandoned warehouse, where Spider-man disarms him and pulls off his balaclava revealing that he was the one he let onto the elevator, the one he could have stopped! Shocked by this, Peter backs away and the carjacker withdraws his knife, about to attack Spider-man, but he pushes him backwards and he falls out the window, landing on solid ground, killing him.

In the third Spider-man film, it is revealed that the carjacker was only an accomplice to Flint Marco (Sandman), and that Marco robbed the car while the carjacker stole the money, and as the carjacker came out with the money, he accidentally bumped Flint causing his gun to go off killing Ben Parker. Flint refused to get into the car when the carjacker got in and drove away. The cops arrived, and Flint Marco fled the scene misleading the police.