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Counter-Earth (an alternate dimension) has had three versions (so far) each a duplicate to the original except for significant differences, Counter-Earth was featured in several Marvel Comic and on Spider-Man Unlimited, a short-lived animated cartoon.

Counter-Earth 1 (The High Evolutionary)Edit

The first Counter-Earth was built by The High Evolutionary, which has accelerated evolution and passage of time. The High Evolutionary conducted a number of experiments to create a "purified" (perfect) race of beings, free of disease and from the "primitive" shackles of the human mind. The experiments were conducted on animals of a kind to create a race called Beastials. Man Beast interferes in an act of revenge and introduces violence into the Beastial society, and history repeats itself as the world falls into the depths of humankinds' violent tendencies. To prevent the unwanted destruction of the planet at the hands of The High Evolutionary, Adam Warlock descends to the planet to fight Man Beast and to battle the violent tendencies.

This Counter-Earth was moved away from the solar system by the Beyonders, and destroyed during The Infinity Gauntlet

Counter-Earth 2 (The Goddess)Edit

The second Counter-Earth was built by the Goddess, using the Cosmic Egg, and named Paradise Omega.

Paradise Omega had no animal life and served as a base for the Goddess' Chosen Heros.

Paradise Omega was destroyed by Thanos Telling the Cosmic Egg to self-destruct

Counter-Earth 3 (Franklin Richards)Edit

The third Counter-Earth was built by Franklin Richards

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