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Captain Marvel Vol. 7 -12
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Comic Book series: Captain Marvel Vol. 7
Issue Number: 12

First published:

April 17, 2013

Executive Editor:

Axel Alonso

Cover Artist:

Joe Quinones


Kelly Sue DeConnick
Christopher Sebela


Filipe Andrade


Filipe Andrade


Sana Amanat

Previous issue:

Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #11

Next issue:

Avengers: The Enemy Within Vol. 1 #1 (story)
Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #13 (title)

"I know it's a mistake, before my feet leave the ground, I know. But the nature of my magical thinking is such that I believe, truly believe, that I'll get away with it. Because I'm special. Because I'm me."
— Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #12 is the 12th issue of Captain Marvel Vol. 7.

Solicit SynopsisEdit

  • The issue that will kick off a Major Captain Marvel and Avengers event!
  • Still grounded from flying, Captain Marvel takes on a different and dangerous kind of bird-DEATHBIRD!
  • Handicapped, but determined Carol risks her powers and her life!
  • PLUS: The unstoppable evil that’s been pulling Deathbird’s strings!


Featured Characters:Edit

Supporting Characters:Edit

  • Dr. Farzana Nayar
  • Dr. Ryland


  • "Newbird" (Deathbird impostor)
  • Yon-Rogg (Identity revealed)

Other Characters:

  • Deathbird (Mentioned)
  • Tracy Burke (Mentioned)
  • Wendy Kawasaki
  • Tony Stark (Mentioned)
  • Spider-Woman
  • Helen Cobb (appears only in flashback)
  • Wonder Man (Mentioned)
  • Captain America (Mentioned)
  • Rose

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