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Bizarnage (of Earth-9602) is a villain from the Marvel and DC comics mash-up Amalgam universe.

He is a cross between DC's Bizarro and Marvel's Carnage.

First appearance was in Spider-Boy #1.


Early life

Bizarnage was made through a experiment at Project Cadmus in an attempt to replicate alien DNA. The white, goopy creature they created went insane and began destroying everything and everyone in its way.


Spider-Boy (a combination of Spider-Man and Superboy) soon arrived and fought him. Bizarnage wanted to be Spider-Boy, so he tried to kill him, but was eventually defeated by getting tricked by Spider-Boy to get sucked into an energy containment unit.

Powers and abilities

  • Bizarnage was a symbiotic alien who could transform himself into another being.
  • He possessed most of the powers of Carnage, including clay-like shape-shifting, super strength, wall-crawling, and deadly, sharp, long claws.
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