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Ben Grimm (Earth-1610)
The Thing
Full Name: Benjamin Grimm
First Appearance: Ultimate Fantastic Four #1
Created by: Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Kubert
Home Universe: Earth-1610
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Queens, New York City, New York
Citizenship: American
Base: Baxter Building, Manhattan, New York City
Affiliations: Ultimates; formerly USAF, Fantastic Four
Powers/Abilities: Able to pass through force fields
Height: 7 '5"
Weight: 1650 lbs(748 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: Normally has Orange Rock-like skin, but has Purple Skin and a Glowing Aura in his energy form.

"Guess what time it is? Seriously, you'll never guess. "
— Ben Grimm

Ben Grimm (of Earth-1610), better known as the Thing, is a member of the Ultimates and a former member of the Fantastic Four and currently engaged to the Invisible Woman.