Beetle Armor MK I
The Beetle Armor MK I is an armor created by Abner Jenkins for doing criminal activities.

First appearance in Strange Tale #123.


After many battles with Spider-Man, It was badly damaged. However, it was finally destroyed while fighting Iron Man.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Protection: The purple wings served as razor-sharp stabbers, big shields and could dig into the ground.
  • Flight: The wings deployed from a close-fitting cover like compartment in the back of the armor. The wings allowed the user to fly at speeds of roughly 45 mph. Like Iron Man's armor, Reaching higher speeds was possible by directing more power to flight systems.
  • Enhanced Durability and Strength: The armor enhanced its wearer's durability and strength (lifting around 800 lbs.).
  • Suction Cups: The finger tips allowed the wearer's to stick to almost any surface, like Spider-Man.

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