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Avengers (Earth-928)
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Leader(s): Miguel O'Hara, Captain America

Current members:

Bloodhawk, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Strange, Spider-Man, Hulk

Former members:

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Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-928



First appearance:

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Creators: Len Kaminski, Mike McKone


After the Invasion of the Phlanax, humanity started to rebuild. Alchemax had found Steve Rogers frozen after the Heroic Age and was later thawed out and explained how the Heroic Age ended. Miguel had found Thor's Hammer and gave it to Steve. Even though he refused at first, he decided to take the Hammer. Later on, The Watcher needed all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to destroy the barrier with the sacrifice of the Watcher and Steve being frozen again and gave the hammer to Miguel.


Current MembersEdit

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