Avengers (Earth-81223)
Founder(s): Unknown
Leader(s): Iron Man

Current members:

Iron Man, Captain America, Giant-Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Wasp

Former members:


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-81223


Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York

First appearance:

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Creators: Joe Keatinge, Piotr Kowalski, Neil Edwards

The Avengers (of Earth-81223) were a team comprised of the world's greatest heroes who banded together to protect it from threats that no lone hero could handle.


Under unknown Avengers discovered the body of Steve Rogers frozen in ice. They brought him back to Avengers Mansion to try and reawaken him from his cryogenic sleep, but after thawing him, they discovered that Steve had died from some sort of brain aneurysm before he hit the ice. Upon learning this unpleasant news, the Avengers present decided to keep this fact a secret as they believed that America would sink into anarchy and it would be better for them to live in hope that he might return some day.

Unfortunately, some unknown individual revealed to the world that Captain America was dead and, as the Avengers feared, the people fell into disappear at the loss of the hero they expected to save them and grew angry at the heroes they did have for keeping this fact a secret for so long. With the American spirit extinguished the country slowly descended in anarchy.

As part of the Illuminati's plan to restore America to its former glory, the Avengers Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Man publically welcomed the new Captain America Frank Castle into their ranks to help restore their image and to help solidify Frank as the new symbol of the American spirit.

It is currently unknown what became of the Avengers following the introduction of the Captain AmeriCorps. It is most likely that the group either disbanded or was incorporated into the Captain AmeriCorps.






Each teammate's personal arsenal.

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