"Those tentacles! They were coming from some kind of... I-I don't know WHAT this Atrocity is!"
— Peter Parker

Atrocity (Gestalt Life Form) (Earth-616)
Full Name: None
First Appearance: Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Created by: Peter David
Home Universe: Earth-TRN199
Alignment: Bad
Status: Defused
Place of Birth: Alchemax Building
Citizenship: N/A
Base: Alchemax Building
Height: 11' 6"
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Red
Unique Features: Bloated misshapen body, tentacles

Atrocity (of Earth-TRN199) is the fusion of Anti-Venom, Walker Sloan, and Doctor Octopus that resulted from all 3 entering the time portal at the same time.


In order to save himself from an untimely death, Spider-Man teamed up with his counterpart from the 2099 universe. To save the timeline, Spider-Man had to stop Walker Sloan from tampering with time travel. Sloan, however, used neural chips to control Anti-Venom to stop Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2099 defeated Anti-Venom by releasing him from Sloan's control. Anti-Venom, enraged, tackled Sloan and Octavius fusing them together in the space-time continuum, forming the monstrosity Peter dubbed "Atrocity". Atrocity would occasionally attack Peter or Miguel throughout their journey, until it eventually revealed itself and attacked Peter Parker. Atrocity was defeated, but would later appear again, attempting to kill Peter Parker at the same time the CEO was fighting Miguel O'Hara. Peter manipulated Atrocity into attacking electrified pillars, stunning him. Peter took this opportunity to remove Atrocity's tentacles, and send them through the time gateway. These tentacles were then used to drain the CEO of his powers. After both Atrocity and the CEO were vulnerable, they were knocked into the gateway together, resetting time back to the way it was originally meant to be, and presumably splitting Sloan, Anti-Venom, and Octavius into three separate people once more.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Teleportation: It is able to teleport through time and space, and even reside in the time stream itself.

It also has all of the abilities of Doctor Octopus and Anti-Venom. For example, it was able to drain Peter Parker of his powers, and it had the tentacles of Otto Ocatvius.


Electricity can incapacitate him, due to the quantum particles inside of it. It is also insane to such a degree that it has no regard for life and it tried to rip apart the fabric of reality to kill Spider-Man.



Atrocity's tentacles tear through the fabric of time, and can attack, capture, or throw. They can also act as Anti-Venom's "cleansing" ability, able to weaken Amazing Spider-Man and the CEO (who is the future Peter Parker).


  • In the Wii Version, his tongue is not shown.
  • In the DS Version, instead of it being a fusion of Sloan, Doc Ock, and Anti-Venom; its a fusion of Sloan, Doc Ock, and Rhino.

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