Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 5
The Parents of Peter Parker!

A Day at the Daily Bugle

Peter Parker, The Super Sports Star

Where It's At!

This is Spidey As We Know Him But --

There We Go-A-Plotting!

Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 5

First published:

November, 1968

Executive Editor:

Stan Lee

Cover Artist:

John Romita


Stan Lee


Larry Lieber


Mike Esposito


Stan Lee

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1) 4

Next issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1) 6


 "The Parents of Peter Parker!"Edit

  • TBA

Continuity DevelopmentsEdit

  • This issue features of the first appearance of Peter Parker's parents (Richard and Mary Parker) and why they died.

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