Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 21
The Wedding
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 21

First published:

June 9, 1987

Executive Editor:

James Shooter

Cover Artist:

John Romita


David Michelinie

James Shooter


Paul Ryan


Vince Colletta


Jim Salicrup

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1) 20

Next issue:

Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Volume 1) 22


 "The Wedding"Edit

  • TBA

Continuity Developments

  • Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson become a married couple in this issue.

Notes Edit

The events of One More Day completely changed continuity. Most notably with this issue. Instead of making it in time, Peter failed to arrive, and Marry Jane called off the wedding. They later decided against marriage all together.

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