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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 126
The Kangaroo Bounces Back!
Comic Book series: Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 126

First published:

November, 1973

Executive Editor:

Roy Thomas

Cover Artist:

John Romita Sr.


Gerry Conway


Ross Andru


Jim Mooney


Roy Thomas

Previous issue:

Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) 125

Next issue:

Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 1) 127


  • TBA


"The Kangaroo Bounces Back!"Edit

  • TBA

Continuity DevelopmentsEdit

  • Frank Oliver, the first Kangaroo, dies by being disintegrated upon entering a radioactive room.
  • In this issue, the Human Torch and Spider-Man are seen talking about and making designs for a "Spider-Mobile".
  • It is seen that Harry Osborn was the person who took the Green Goblin costume off Norman after his death in order to become the new Green Goblin to get revenge on all his father's enemies.


  • This issue was reprinted in both Marvel Tales #103 and Essential Amazing Spider-Man Volume 6.
  • Kangaroo appeared last in Amazing Spider-Man # 81.
  • John Jameson and Kristine Saunders appeared last in Amazing Spider-Man #125, and they both appear next in Giant Size-Super-Heroes #1.

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