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Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 1
Amazing Fantasty (Volume 2)
is an American comic book series revolving around  the adventures of a teenage Anya Corazon among other heroes and villains.

Publication HistoryEdit

Volume 2 of Amazing Fantasy ran for 20 issues.

The first arc ran through Volume 2, #1 - 6 and featured a new teenaged female hero named "Araña" trying to become Spider-Girl.

The second arc, in issues #7 - 12, published after a short break, featured a new and female version of the supervillian Scorpion. Via a back-up feature in Volume 2, issues #10 - 12 starred the character Nina Price.

Issue #15 featured a homage to Amazing Fantasy #15 via the cover and featured brand new heroes that Marvel would hope that became as popular as Spider-Man.

The final arc was featured in issues #16 - 20 that introduced Death's Head 3.0, which was a revamp of the Marvel UK character, written by the original version's creator, Simon Furman.

Issues #18 - 19 contain two new "Tales of the New Universe" stories as backup features, while issue #20 featured a Western backup called "Steamrider".


The plot centers around the adventure of a teenage Anya Corazon taking the title of Spider-Girl among other heroes and villains debuting.

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