Wolverine Vol 3 48 Textless
is a dense, indestructible metal only seen in the Marvel universe.


  • TBA


This is a list on the many items in the Marvel universe that are made of many forms of Adamantium:


  • X-23's claws and skeleton
  • Wolverine's claws and skeleton
  • Lady Deathstrike's claws and skeleton
  • Ultron's body
  • Vance Astro's cast
  • Cyber's skin and claws, later harvested by Genesis
  • TESS-One's outer skin layer


  • Battlestar's shield
  • Bullseye's spinal column/partial skeleton
  • "The Captain's" shield, used by Steve Rogers and provided by Tony Stark
  • Ultimate Captain America's shield
  • The Constrictor's coils
  • Underworld's Bullets
  • A set of Doctor Octopus's arms (destroyed by molecular rearrangement)
  • Gambit's telescopic staff
  • Moon Knight's staff
  • Maverick's Knife and gun ammunition
  • Sabreclaw's claw sheaths

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